Cut and Sew T Shirt Manufacturers

Cut and Sew T Shirt Manufacturers

One of the questions that we get asked A LOT is “Will you make our T-Shirts?” and our answer is … No. is a division of AMBRO Manufacturing a garment decorating, cut and sew, embroidery, sublimation and wearable electronics company.  Yes we do a lot!  But we don’t fabricate T-Shirts.  A good number of people find us searching for Cut and Sew T Shirt Manufacturers and find us because we do a large amount of sublimation, but we don’t manufacture T-Shirts.  We do offer cut and sew services but mainly for our own products and a few select partnerships for industrial products only, not consumer wearables.

The reason why we don’t make T-Shirts is because companies can obtain custom made T-Shirts overseas for under $3.00 a shirt.  In fact, you can buy completely sublimated, front and back T-Shirts overseas for under $6.00 a shirt.

Since we’re in the United States, if we were going to consider making a T-Shirt, our starting point would be $22.00 – $24.00 per shirt, and that’s a blank shirt before any decoration.  Since most people trying to start a clothing line don’t want to pay $24.00 + another $20.00 to sublimate it, aka $44.00 for a T-Shirt!  There just isn’t a market for us in making T-Shirts in the United States.

So, that’s the long answer to … “No we won’t cut and sew your T-shirt”.  However, we have an options for you to consider.

Why do you want your T-Shirt manufactured as a cut and sew?

It’s likely that the reason why you are asking us to make a custom T-Shirt is because you’ve tried other vendors that have sublimated on existing T-Shirts and you haven’t been happy with the inherent flaws of sublimating on an existing shirt.

You’ve likely heard that Cut and Sew T Shirt Manufacturers are the only way to get a true retail ready fully sublimated T-Shirt.  When you use sublimation companies (not cut and sew) the main flaw that occurs starts with the creases that typically occur near the neck line, shoulder seams and definitely under the arm pits.  When you get a crease in your garment, the sublimation dyes can not reach that part of the fabric and blank areas of white are left.  See images below of common flaws that you can expect when sublimating on existing T-Shirts.

See common sublimation flaws below, when using existing t-shirts vs. cut and sew

Sublimation Flaws

An alternative to cut and sew private label T-Shirts

If you aren’t ready to make an off shore commitment but still want a private labeled fully sublimated T-Shirt that is retail ready, you may want to consider AMBRO Manufacturing’s custom sublimation blank T-Shirt.

We do not sell this T-Shirt blank to other providers, we only use this tee for our clients sublimation projects.  Below you will see an image of our custom sublimation T-Shirt (Left) and what most other companies use (Right).  You will see that in the areas prone to flaws, our blank sublimation T-Shirt is superior and lays much flatter.  I’m not going to say that our shirt will look like a cut and sew sublimation T-Shirt, because it won’t.  However, it will significantly reduce the flaws and your project will look much better using one of our shirts compared to our competition.  Many of our clients have our shirt private labeled and in retail outlets.

One of the extra options using our custom sublimation blank is the ability to private label your garment.  What this means is that we can put your brand label on the shirt.  So instead of the shirt showing our brand on the size tag, it shows yours.  Of course, there are extra fees associated with this service, but nothing that would scare you away from using it.

See the image below on the differences between our custom sublimation T-Shirt and the competitors.

Sublimation T-Shirts

Another option to consider for sublimating on existing T-Shirts is to use a brand in the marketplace called the Sublivie.  This is NOT a unique shirt to us and is available from a wide range of suppliers, this T-Shirt is black on the back, sleeves and neck line but leaves a “sublimation panel” open for sublimating the front.  The cost of the blank garment is more than standard sublimation blanks, but let’s customers save money by sublimating only one side, while giving the appearance of a complete sublimation job because of the black sleeves, neck and back.

Sublimation Tee 3

If you are still considering a cut and sew T-Shirt project, we would not be the best partner for you.  If you would like to explore some of these lower cost, faster and U.S. based sublimation T-Shirt options, please email us or give us a call (908) 806-8337.