Sublimation Templates

Sublimation Templates

When submitting your art to us for sublimation on T-Shirts it is important to understand the nature of what we need for a successful project.  Below is an example of our sublimation templates. The image below along with the following explanation should help your artist understand what is required for the correct art format for proper all over shirt sublimation.

All files must be either PNG or JPG and at 300 DPI.  You may submit other file formats such as EPS, CDR, PDF or AI however, if you do so, you must convert everything to curves. We may not have the fonts that you are using so you must either embed them when saving OR convert everything to curves.

To make things easy for our customers, we don’t ask you to submit your sublimation art in complicated multi-sized and t-shirt shaped templates.  Our sublimation template is simple and straight forward, it’s a perfect square.

Within that square template there are important “Segments” of art and dimensions for each of those segments.

Starting with the BLUE square, we call this “Ancillary Art” .  The Ancillary Art segment must be 40″ x 40″ and represents art that enhances the main elements of your “Critical Art” but is artwork that you don’t mind if it makes it on the shirt or not.  An example of this might be the sky, clouds, a field of flowers, any repetitive patterns etc … things that help the all over print, but don’t necessarily need to make it on the shirt for your main art impact to be made.

Next is the RED square, we call this “Critical Art” and depending on the size of the shirt being sublimated the dimensions of this area changes.  You will see the dimensions in the photo below.   Those dimensions are: 10″ x 16″ Small, 10″ x 18″ Medium, 12″ x 18″ Large, 14″ x 22″ XL and 14″ x 23″ 2XL

The Critical Art is art that MUST make it on the shirt.  Examples might be someone’s photo, a whole image of a car or a building or an entire logo.  As long as the Critical Art fits within the specified dimensions, it will fit on the t-shirt.

The SNOW FLAKES in this image represent the part of the Ancillary Art that “Bleed” off the shirt, or “Fall Off”, it’s artwork that needs to be there so that we can print off the edge giving that 360 degree printed look, but there is a 100% likelihood that most of it won’t make it onto the t-shirt.  This area is part of the 40″ x 40″ Ancillary Art.

The Critical Art should begin 14″ from the top edge of the Ancillary Art and be centered.  It should not extend downward past the dimensions specified in the Ancillary Art rectangle.

It is important to understand that while sublimation offers an all over shirt print, the t-shirt itself is limited in shape and space, so in order to maximize the space that you have, these areas of Critical Art and Ancillary Art are needed.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us (908) 806-8337 or by email.  You may also upload your artwork using the form below.


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